About My Flutes

My flutes are made using the split bore technique.  The blank is split in half and the inner airway, slow air chamber, and bore are machined using a computer guided router for maximum accuracy.  The blanks are turned over and the computer guided router cuts the flue and starter holes for the SAC and TSH openings.

The ramps, SAC opening and TSH opening are cut to size by hand using chisels, files, and sanding blocks.  The inside is sanded to 1200 grit and sealed with epoxy to water proof the interior of the flute.  The epoxy requires no maintenance on your part.

Once the halves are glued back together the flute is rounded, the inlay slots cut, and the stone or wood inlay placed.  The outside is sanded, the end is shortened for the proper key, and the pilot holes are cut for the finger holes.  The tuning is done by enlarging the finger holes by hand with drill bits and files until correct.

The outside is finished with 5-8 coats of clear water based polyacrylic. This finish provides lasting protection of the wood with little to no maintenance on your part.

After the final coat of finish is dry, the tuning is checked again and of course the flute has to be played a bit for my pleasure and to check the sound quality. I will not sell a flute that does not meet my high standards or that I would not buy myself.

Note: I am not an enrolled member of a federally recognized Native American tribe. Therefore, Rain Spirit Native American Style Flutes are not “Native American Made” as defined by the the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.