Care of your Flute

I thought I would share some general information about the care of your Rain Spirit Flute.

You may want to consider a flute bag to protect your flute from everyday bumps and dings.  You may also want to consider a hard flute case to protect your flute when traveling.

The inside of the flute is sealed from moisture with epoxy and requires no maintenance. In fact, wax or polish will bead up in the airway and/or slow air chamber and be difficult to clear out. The outside is protected with a food safe non-toxic polyurethane finish. The outside can be revitalized with a high quality wax, if necessary.  Please do not use denatured (rubbing) alcohol on either the inside or outside finished surfaces, it will dissolve the finish.

Flutes are tuned at 72 degrees. In warmer temperatures, they will play a little sharp and in colder temperatures, they will play a little flat. There is nothing wrong with the flute, it is pure physics and the speed of sound. Most people cannot hear a difference.

All flutes will “wet out” after continuous play for 20 minutes or so. This is due to moisture in your breath and saliva. When the flute does not sound right the moisture droplets are blocking part of the flue. Take the bird off and wipe the bottom of the bird and the flue with a piece of t-shirt material. I wipe the bottom of the bird on my shirt but do not tell my wife!  Shake the flute forcefully downward (mouthpiece pointing down) to get the moisture out being careful not to hit any close by objects!  DO NOT use a Q-tip to dry out the slow air chamber. The fibers will catch in the wood and will be impossible to get out. The fibers can effect the sound.

After you are through playing, take the bird off, shake the moisture out, and let the flute air dry before storing the flute in its bag. It takes a couple of hours for it to dry.  It is okay to place the bird back on the flute before storing once it is dry.  Leaving it wet can lead to moisture causing the wood to crack in the slow air chamber and/or in the airway.

Do not leave your flute in a hot car or outside in direct sunlight.  Uv light and excessive heat can cause the wood to crack and will also discolor the wood.

I hope this information helps and I am always around to answer question at

Thanks again for selecting one of my flutes for your flute playing journey.